I Am You. We Are One

“I’m an Earthling. Resident of the Continent of Africa. The Motherland.  With humanity’s blueprint underfoot, I’m called to believe we must tread lightly. Have gratitude for the flora and fauna, sustaining all life; holding the most sacred geometries and aspects of consciousness.  Come with me. Journey through the Continent via her bounty in botanicals…” Yolanda […]


You are a spark of light….

Maybe you’ve already come to accept this adage and its metaphysical science? Maybe not? But at LithaFlora African Botanicals, we believe each spark of light reflects another, illuminating beyond itself, creating a sphere of greater consciousness. That’s our mission;To enlighten you with indigenous wisdom and healing information systems, inherent in the use of African botanicals. […]


Choosing between Traditional African Herbal medicine and Modern medicine? by Daniel Kawuma

Disease is the dreaded uninvited guest that interferes with the normal functioning of our bodies. Each society historically had a unique process to diagnose and treat with the intention to restore normal body function. How we treat disease is often a process characterized by adaptation and assimilation of knowledge proven to produce successful outcomes. Modern […]

Bevin Clare

A Primer on Viruses and Herbal Medicine, by Bevin Clare

Viruses are generally accepted as infective agents compiled of a bunch of bits and parts which are able to utilize living cells to reproduce. As such, they are ultimately considered non-living because of their inability to reproduce without using a host. To understand how herbal medicines can be helpful to people with viral infections (or […]


The Good Life, just got better–for us!

  Quintessential and internationally renowned and professional guide to dining, hotels, travel and lifestyle; Preeminent publication, “The Gayot Guide” has found us and found themselves chuffed with our authentically African Herbal Health Teas… Featuring LithaFlora African Botanicals in its “The Good Life” section, is quite the complement. We’re delighted that they’ve got such worldy and […]

Elder from Karima Forest-200x300

Gaia and Indigenous Knowledge Systems

“All the knowledge of our people is based on a permanent relationship with the places in which we live. The Indian territories are not only physically but also culturally located. We live here with a magical perspective. The people who live in a valley see rivers and mountains in a very different way from a […]

We've Got Shops!

We’ve got Shops!!!!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you, that since launching LithaFlora African Botanicals at Design Indaba 2014 here in Cape Town, we’ve been listed in 10 South African stores.  Please of course, feel free to continue to buy direct from us here online, but nothing beats the full tilt sensual experience of seeing, feeling, […]


African Cosmology vs. Biodynamism – Transformative Balance

  We experience the resilience, strength, beauty and biodiversity found in Africa. It can be seen within and without; above and below. Above ground we see her people, cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Indigenous and others; migration patterns support this biodiversity. Villages, communities, cities and countries emerge, grow, evolve, disperse, dissolve and rise again; […]