Soothe Your Soul


At LithaFlora we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest, wild harvested and organic indigenous African medicinal herbs.  We utilise the well developed local technology, infrastructure and capacity available in the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa, bringing you the best known and newly “re-discovered” indigenous wisdom; Africa’s signature plants, seeds and flowers.

Welcome home….

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Sutherlandia, Tagettes, Thuja, Pelargonium.  Do these words and herbs resonate with you upon reading or hearing their names called aloud? If you haven’t already, you’ll begin to remember….

Remember a time when love, caring and compassion were easily brewed in a cup.

When all that goodness, filled you with resilience against disease and discomfort. Well, those times didn’t pass away. They’ve been here all along.

Times when the purity of a botanical based cleansing bar was all you needed, to protect skin against the harshness of wind, water, earth and sun.

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From deep within the Kalahari Desert, an Ancient African wellspring of underground wisdom bubbles up to the surface, fed by a 3 million years old subterranean lake bed. Its glistening presence offering proof of a sublime elemental union: earth, water and mineral.
Warmed by cosmic rays of the Sun, LithaFlora Essential Bath Salts have emerged.
Cured by the gentle breath of Southern winds which blow across Namibia, through Botswana and into the most remote reaches of the Kalahari Desert, in the Northern Cape, South Africa. Sun and Earth creating the most pristine, naturally occurring and self-regenerating solar salt pans.
Infused with essential oil blends featuring: Marula, Baobab and Kalahari Melon Seed.

Be still. Be calmed. Become your best self. Listen inward, while #FeelingLithaFlora

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Too often people confuse the use of traditional medicine, complementary medicine and functional health and wellness. We hope to dispel some of this confusion and to inspire your remembering and connection to the innate knowledge you hold inside.

Our blog aims to engage your heart and mind with a mix of insightful media about the latest developments in natural health and wellness, assisted by herbal remedies and indigenous wisdom. We want to remind you of your place in our world and to inspire your sharing while deepening your understanding and acceptance of life without: Pesticides, Herbicides, Pthalates, Aerosols,Sulphates,Petroleum and all its nasty derivatives!

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